What Materials to Use For Your Custom Sticker?

When making stickers, one of the most important things you should consider is using suitable materials for them. They will easily fall off the surface or lose their look if you don’t. But how can you be sure that the materials you use are the right ones?

Continue reading to find out!

Indoor and Laptop Stickers

If you’re making stickers for indoor items like a mirror, your laptop, walls, it’s fortunately relatively easy. When you can, make sure you buy one with white vinyl. That will stay looking great for a while.

Also, you don’t need to choose anything with a strong adhesive. Probably you’re not going to move it around, so an adhesive that doesn’t leave any marks would be preferable.

Car Stickers

Whether you’re looking to stick it onto your windshield or bumper, you’re going to need to make sure you’ve got the suitable materials.

Since this sticker will go through more wear and tear, you’ll have to make sure that you pick vinyl that is waterproof. That will ensure your sticker won’t fall off on the next rainy day.

Also, make sure that it has a solid adhesive and that your sticker is UV-resistant.

Hard Hat Stickers

For bikers or construction workers who are looking to personalize their helmets, I recommend you follow the same material as with a car sticker. The only difference I’d do is make sure that the vinyl is also scratchproof, so an accident won’t ruin its look.


And that’s how you choose the right materials for your specific sticker. If you’re looking to print your own stickers, I highly recommend trying out stickerapp. There they print their stickers in the highest quality possible. You can learn more by clicking this link: https://stickerapp.com/custom-stickers/.