Tangles in natural hair

Get a silk satin Pillow 

If you care for your hairs to be natural-looking, you must go for a silk pillow. This is a better option to keep your head in a good posture. This will lead to your hair in a better look.

Don’t dry your hair with an ordinary towel

Avoiding an ordinary towel can reduce the chance of hair to tangle. Try to use a cotton shirt or smooth stuff to dry your hair. 

Don’t rub your hairs while drying 

Always use a light hand to your hair. Don’t rub your hair. Rubbing can cause damage and breakage of your hair. So be kind to your hair. 

Wash your hairs in the right position 

Washing posture can impact your hair very much. So, wash your hair in a straight position like standing up or in an upright position.

Sleep with a silky scarf overhead.

While going to bed cover your head with a silk scarf, so that you can avoid hair mess up.