Guide to making perfect hang tag stickers

Usual product labels are quite bland. They are usually white and have some writing on them. But why not spice it up? Instead of adding the same old one, why not turn it into a sticker? Plus, it would add more value to your customers. But there’s some work to do, so let’s get into it, shall we?

What materials to use?

Since hang tag stickers don’t need to survive harsh weather conditions, you don’t need to have waterproof materials. So most materials work. If you want my opinion, then the best would be white vinyl. That’s due to its durability. 

But that all depends on your customer. If you mostly have customers that are bikers, then it would be best to make it out of tougher materials so they could put it on their helmets.

Desigining it

You could design it in multiple ways. You could just print it with a logo. So you basically get logo stickers! Or you could get creative with it. Maybe get a designer to create a cool graphic with your brand statement on it. Just make it into something your clients would like to place!

Also if you have the budget, why not make a back print. There you could add all the text, you would usually put to your product label! This will also keep that ugly text away from the sticker.

And that’s it! Now you know everything, what materials to use, and how to design it. If you want to make custom hang tag stickers, then I recommend They’ve made it easy for you to design everything even the placement of the hole!