Make your message shine!

Stickers are popular in advertising, because it’s an easy way to get your name out, often with the help of your existing customers.

By designing nice stickers that people want and then giving them away you can get hundreds or thousands of small ads to appear everywhere. 

Of course you can also use stickers on company property, such as your cars and all the equipment you use.

DIY Stickers Online

Buying customized stickers is easy now, with tools that let you design and order your own stickers online, in small or large quantities.

This means more opportunities for variation. With modern production methods you no longer have to order thousands of stickers to make it worthwhile. Instead you can limit your order to as many or few as you need for the moment and instead get a greater variety of motifs, as to make the recipients – your customers – feel more unique.


When unique customized stickers are not enough, there’s a way to step up your sticker game and really shine, with mirror stickers.

Mirror stickers are like ordinary stickers, only more polished. A lot more polished. As ordinary stickers slowly fade and become dull, especially outdoors, mirror stickers last and keep shining, year after year.

Mirror stickers come in all shapes and sizes and you can make mirror stickers out of any design you already have or create a completely new one.

You can even use metallic colours, which will make your mirror stickers into actual mirrors.