Dreaming About a Walk-in Closet

Oh, how I would love to have a walk-in closet! Sadly, I don’t have the space for it at the moment, but hey, a girl’s still allowed to dream, right? So let’s dream and plan the perfect walk-in closet on the planet. Some day it’ll be mine, I’m sure.

In my dreams, my walk-in closet is alway in perfect order and never ever untidy. To keep it like that will take some effort though, since my wardrobe today is not always like that.

Color Coordinated

Naturally, the content of the wardrobes is color coordinated. That way, it is easy to find suitable ensembles. Color coordination also gives a calm and tidy impression, which means that you don’t even have to have doors for the wardrobes. 

I will make custom hang tag stickers with the designer or brand in order to easily know what is what. With the same visual appearance, the hang tags will add to the feeling of orderliness that I so love.

Small Items

Small items, such as underwear, scarves, stockings and t-shirts I will keep in drawers. The content doesn’t have to be color coordinated in the same way as the larger, hanging items. It should be neatly folded and placed in different compartments to keep it orderly. 


Ah… Shoes. I want to keep my shoes on display. That means I will have to have quite a large walk-in closet, as I have a lot of shoes. But oh, how I will love the feeling of walking in and seeing all of my beautiful footwear standing there, waiting for me to pick a pair.