Change Careers? Take a Look at Marketing

Have you been thinking about changing careers but not really found out what it is you want to do? My suggestion is to take a look at marketing. It is an area that all companies are interested in and jobs are plentiful and can be found all around the world. 

Marketing is quite a broad area and it is possible to adapt the role to fit your interests and abilities. In smaller companies you take more of an overall responsibility, whereas in larger firms the role is divided into many sub areas with different profiles.

Learn a Software Tool

Different companies work with different software tools. But by learning one, you will be quicker on the uptake of a new tool. Start with Funnel’s data studio tool, and you’ll get a good basic understanding of what software tools do and what you can use them for.

Study a Business Case

Once you have a good understanding of the tool, it is time to start looking into a business case. Settle on a brand you like, and start investigating how they do their marketing.  Things you’ll want to look into are things like what channels they use for marketing, what’s the core message and are there supporting messages? Is the message the same for all channels, or do they differ? Can you identify the target audience?  

Apply for Positions

Then it’s time to start applying for open positions. Try for the junior positions to start with, and grow your way into the role. Most companies offer continuous education and career paths inhouse.