Customer Success for small business owners

Are you a beauty therapist, style blogger or small business owner? The competition is pretty hard online these days and it really helps to have some tricks up your sleeve to outdo the others who are also battling for the search terms on Google, because let’s be honest, organic search is not that organic anymore! But don’t fret; the good news is that we don’t need millions of clients to survive in our small businesses. Key is to find the core customer and keep them insanely happy. So happy that they keep coming back, recommend you to their friends and essentially do the marketing for you.

You can measure your customer success with customer success software that analyses your customers behaviours, how they feel about you and exactly how valuable they are to your business, which is a great way of figuring out exactly who that core customer is.  And when you do know who that customer is you can be effective with your marketing budget and avoid spending money on Facebook, Instagram and Google ads that goes up in smoke.

Customer success services measure things like customer lifetime value, customer health score, Net Promoter Score, customer retention cost, customer satisfaction score, and renewal rate. Everything connects back to your monthly (perhaps recurring) revenue, making you a superstar within your specialized niche. This is why we encourage you to consider the customer success in your business before you turn to the marketing side of things, in order to reach higher goals.