Complete Men’s Guide to Black-Tie Dress Code

So you’ve got an invitation to a black-tie event. That’s great; however, you need to know a specific dress code to enter. So, to ensure you qualify for entry and look the best, we’ve created this blog post.

Here, you’ll learn everything from the essentials to the tips that subtly make you the best-dressed man in the room. If that sounds interesting, then keep on reading.

Go With a Tuxedo

There’s only one proper way to go to a black-tie event: a tuxedo. It’s not an ordinary black suit. Instead, it has unique lapels, which make it look more formal. However, that doesn’t mean you must wear your regular black tuxedo.

Instead, you can add some distinction, like going with a dark blue or red one. Also, if you could find a tuxedo with velvet, then you’ll look even better.

Match Your Metals

When picking a dress watch for your outfit, one thing is vital to get right. And that thing is to make sure your metals match other metallic objects. That would be your belt buckle and cufflinks.

It shows that you notice small details, making you look better.

Go With a Proper Shirt

No tuxedo is complete without a dress shirt. However, you should invest in something proper instead of putting on an H&M dress shirt. And if you want my two cents, then the best tuxedo shirts come from Eton.

Each one is made with high-quality materials and looks good!


And that’s how you should dress when invited to a black-tie event! So ensure you follow these three tips, and then you’ll be the best-dressed man in the room.