Organize Your Beauty Products

Yes, we know. It sounds boring. But really, it’s oddly satisfying when you get going. If your bathroom cabinet is anything like mine, it’s full to the brim with bottles and boxes and yet I try pushing even more stuff in there regularly. It’s impossible to find what I’m looking for most of the time, and I have no idea what I actually have in there. 

So, let’s do something about it. Because who doesn’t want a nice and orderly bathroom cabinet?


Start by taking everything out. I bet you’ll find a lot of stuff that is waaaay past its use by-date. Throw that away. Just do it. 

Take all the half-empty bottles or tubes next. Roll the tubes up nicely, and you’ll find that they suddenly take up a lot less space. The bottles you’ll have to decide whether to keep or throw away. If you haven’t used them (or even seen them!) for the past six months: throw them out, you don’t need them.

Clean and Sort

Now you should be left with stuff that you use and nothing else. If not, keep throwing stuff out.

Clean the inside of your cabinet and start putting things back, nice and orderly. Create clear plastic label stickers to mark the shelves. Create a logic order, perhaps morning routine products on one shelf and evening routine products on another. 

There. All done. And hopefully you’ll even have room for some new products now. After cleaning, you deserve some treats, right?