Hang Tag Stickers 101 – Making Your Own

Tired of the same old white product labels on your shop? Want to level it up and make them unique? If so, then creating hang tag stickers is the way to go! Not only will you get beautiful product labels, but you’ll also add value to your client by giving them a sticker included with the purchase.

So if you’re interested in making your own, then let’s get into it, shall we?

Designing Your Sticker

First, we should start by designing our sticker. Here are a few things to keep in mind! First, we should make the product label something that’s more than just a label. We should create a cool design that people would like to stick to their walls, laptops, and water bottles. 

Once we’ve done that, we should also print the product label’s back paper with the price. This will keep the front clean from any ugly prices.

Picking the correct materials

Now, all we need to do is pick the correct materials. For most companies, I would recommend you to use white vinyl. That’s because it gives you the best overall look and can be stuck to almost anything.

But if you own a biker clothing shop, then I’d advise something else. Instead of white vinyl, you want to look for something heavy-duty, so the sticker won’t fall off your customers’ helmets.

Printing your product labels

You’ve got your design! You’ve picked the right materials! Now all you have to do is get them printed. The best place to make custom hang tag stickers is at Stickerapp. There you’ll be able to easily print them. Just tell them the requirements, send the design, and within weeks you’ll have your stickers ready.


And that’s it! Now you know everything there is to know about creating your own hang tag stickers. So go and create yours. If you do it correctly, not only will it set you apart from the competition, but your customers will appreciate this addition.