How to better organize your things?

Do you sometimes feel as if you’re living in a storage closet, full of small and large items that don’t belong? It happens to all of us sometimes and just the thought of tidying up the mess often makes you want to just lie down and sleep until the problem has resolved itself.

But don’t despair! There are ways to get things better organized and to keed your home tidy, without going completely mad. Read on for our best tips on how.

The right thing in the right place

Yes, you probably have all your things for a reason. You need them all for something, but where and when do you need them? Think through what you need, where and when and then sort everything into categories so that things that belong in the same place and are used at the same time are kept together.

Boxes and drawers

Now it’s time to get everything stashed away. Most things are needed only on certain occasions, but should otherwise be kept somewhere, out of sight. 

The best ways is to get boxes and sets of drawers, that you can easily find and retrieve when needed, but otherwise put away in your closet.

Mark and label

The final step in getting things organized is to make them easy to find, by marking and labeling your boxes and drawers.

You could buy a label maker for this, but that would mean one more thing that will take up space, so we suggest you use an Online sticker maker instead. It will save you space and money but it will also let you have much nicer labels, making your home just a bit prettier.