4 Tips to Making Awesome Stickers for Your Business

Creating stickers for your business can be an excellent investment. They can either help you earn you even more conversions or lose you money. So how do you make sure that the latter won’t happen? Stay tuned to find out.

Keep It Simple, Stupid

First, make sure your design is simple. That is great for multiple reasons. For starters, it is easier for the eye. If you have too much detail, it makes the watcher need to focus more. Also, you’ll guarantee that your print looks good. Minor details might not be printed in the best way. So make sure you have a simplistic design.

Forget the square cut

Do you know what the best way to look unprofessional is? It’s by having square or circular stickers. That’s because there are so many of them, and they just don’t look that good. So if you can, make sure you have a unique shape. That makes you look more professional.

Use Vibrant Colours

While neutral colors are amazing, there’s one problem with it. It won’t look as good when printed on sticker paper. So instead of using neutral ones, try out something more vibrant. That will bring more attention and look better when it comes out your printer.

Add Bleed For Accurate Cuts

It’s never a great feeling when you get stickers that vital parts of your sticker cut. So instead of wasting money, why not add some bleed to your sticker designs. That helps the cutting machine have a bit more space for error.


And those were our 4 tips. With them in mind, you can be sure that your stickers will look amazing. And if you’re looking to get your stickers printed, I highly recommend you try out Stickerapp. You can order here!