Trying Out New Products

The joy of buying new beauty products…! I am sure you feel the same way: a little tingling in your stomach on the way home, so excited to pop the bottle open and try it on for the first time. 

But then, when that first rush of excitement wears off, do you continue using the product? Do you have a procedure for making new products part of your daily routine, or even switching from old, known ones to new and better?

Give It Time

When trying out new products, you should use them regularly for at least three months to really get a feeling for whether they are for you or not. Because like it or not, not all products will suit you. Sometimes you’ll just have to kill your darlings because they would be better with someone else. 

And of course, stop before this time limit if you for any reason don’t like the effects or results you are getting. You don’t want to waste your time on products you don’t like. There are plenty of other options out there.

Keep a Diary

When trying out new products, keep a journal. Note everything down. From the amounts you use, how often to how it feels. Naturally you should also note all results that you can see or feel. Remember to note down any adverse effects as well. You want the notes to give you a comprehensive log of how you feel about the product and its effects. 

To make the journalling a bit more fun, create custom logo stickers with your own logo on and stick them on the journal.