4 Simple Tips to Increase Google Ads ROAS in 2022

Google Ads are extremely powerful! With it, you get your site to the first page of the biggest search engine, which can help you grow your business to the next level. However, for this, you need to make sure your Google Ads ROAS is big enough to stay profitable.

So in this blog post, we’ll share four tips that will help you increase your Google Ads ROAS. If that sounds interesting, then keep on reading.


#1 – Don’t Forget Negative Keywords

Many people put a lot of emphasis on finding the right keywords. And that’s a good thing, as this helps you target the right audience!

But what most people forget is that it’s as essential to creating a negative keyword list. With it, you can eliminate all the people you might not want to see your ad. And that helps you make more targeted ads, which will increase your ROAS.

So don’t forget about them!

#2 – Optimize Your Landing Pages

When talking about Google ads, most people talk about the ad itself and how you can improve it. And while it’s essential for having a successful campaign, you shouldn’t only focus on it.

That’s because you won’t see any good results if you don’t focus enough on your landing pages. Just think about it, you might get cheap clicks, but will a lousy landing page convert people into leads or customers?

Probably not! So make sure you put effort into your landing pages as well.

#3 – Use Ad Extensions

Do you want to know one of the easiest ways to increase your click-through rate with ads?

It’s easy; you should use ad extensions. These are the additional links that are below the main link on Google. And those are good for two reasons:

First, they take more space on the search results, making it more noticeable.
And second, it can help you give more targeted solutions!

So on your next campaign, make sure you use ad extensions!

#4 – Track Valuable Analytics

When it comes to advertising, there’s so much you can do before launching an ad campaign. The other and more significant part comes after you start advertising.

That’s because instead of just letting it run, you should start analyzing your analytics and track the most valuable ones. That’s because these will help you pinpoint the bottlenecks of your ad campaigns.

So what should you be tracking? Well, it depends on your ad campaign and its objective of them. But here are some that you should look at:

Click-Through Rate
Conversion Rate

And one of the best tools for making it easy is Kuvio! With it, you can connect multiple data streams into one, which saves a lot of time and helps you get more accurate data.


And those were the four tips for improving your google ads roas! So make sure you implement all four into your next ad campaign, and I can nearly guarantee that you’ll see improvements.