Wake up every day with your order book already full

All business owners desire a full order book but they also fear the same thing: An empty one.There is nothing worse than having too little work. It means you will have to go out and sell, right now, and you must do it successfully for your business to survive.While there are as many ways to sell as there are sales people, theres only one way to pave the ground for sales and that’s marketing.

Successful marketing with limited time

But marketing requires time and money. Lots of it. Your problems is probably that you have neither, because you have to keep selling to stay afloat and unless you hit the jackpot the money coming in may just about keep you floating until the next sale comes in.

So, what to do? 

While it may seem like a hopeless situation it is not. Far from it. With modern, automated methods it is possible to do successful marketing with almost no resources.

Take email marketing, for example. It can be done with almost no work on your behalf and reach just the right groups for almost no money.

Data driven approach

How is this possible, you ask. Well, it’s mostly done by taking work out of the hands of people and give it to computers instead. It may sound backwards, but it is not. Marketing efforts have always been based on data and with the amout of market data now available it’s simply better and quicker to let computers make informed decisions than to let people make half-guesses from what they can glance from big spreadsheets.