4 Best Ways to Wear Dress Shirts

While dress shirts are mostly worn for the most formal events, that doesn’t mean you cannot wear them casually! Actually, dress shirts are surprisingly versatile and can be worn in various ways.

So in this blog post, we’ll show you the four best ways to wear them. If that sounds interesting, then keep on reading.

#1 – Wear it With a Suit

While it’s okay to wear a suit with a white T-shirt, nothing will take a look as sharp as a suit with a well-fitting dress shirt. It makes you look sharp and helps you look like a professional, which could help you win that job interview.

So if you’re looking to get sharp, then this is the way.

#2 – Add a Tie For More Formality

While wearing a suit is excellent, you shouldn’t wear it daily. Instead, you can dress down with a business casual look. With it, you’ll suit jacket and wear some dressy pants and a dress shirt.

However, you could add a bit more formality with a beautiful tie. Just remember not to forget a tie bar!

#3 – Wear it With a V-neck Sweater

Are the days colder, but you still want to look sharp in the office. Well, why not add an extra layer by wearing your dress shirt with a V-neck sweater? It gives you a comfy but professional look. So don’t be afraid to try it out.

#4 – Roll-Up Your Sleeves

Sometimes, you don’t need to add or remove clothing pieces to freshen up your look. Sometimes, all you have to do is modify your shirt. And for this outfit, you can start by unbuttoning a couple of top buttons and rolling up your sleeves.


And those were the four best ways to wear a dress shirt. So if you’re looking to find a dress shirt to try out these looks, I highly recommend Eton shirts! All of them are made in high-quality materials!