Face Mask Products

I love, love, love face masks! All kinds! Exfoliating masks, sheet masks, calming ones, or just the regular glow one. It’s the ultimate product in my opinion. Easy, quick and with an instant reward in the luxurious feeling of a clean face. My favourite ones are the calming ones after a long day at the office, and the glow masks before going on a date.

This love means that my bathroom cabinet is just about to burst with products. The shelf for face masks is so full of stuff that I don’t think I can squeeze in a single sheet mask at the moment. It’s definitely time for a sorting session.


Compartmentalisation is not only a term of psychology, but also a perfect method for organizing stuff. In my case, I’ll get a few boxes to store the different types of face masks in. I’ll order holographic stickers to make them a bit prettier as well. 

I’ll put all of my sheet masks in one box. Single packs in another, and then the tubs separately. In each box, I’ll put them according to the effect they have. That way I can easily choose what type of face mask to use, and also the effect I’m after.

Throw Out or Give Away

While sorting through my products, I’ll also sort out the ones that I don’t fancy as much. Unopened packages I usually give to my friends, while opened and expired tubs I throw away. 

Not only does this give joy to my friends, but it also gives me more space for new purchases.