As much as you love to sleep longer, you may get wake up with a messy look as dark circles, pyjama in the tangle and with messy hairs. It may feel inadequate and sticky. It makes every woman feel embarrassed. So, here I have some solutions to your awaking mess up which are as follows;

Wear your hair bun 

We love smooth hair, especially in the morning. So, to manage your hair use to pile your hair in a high bun on the top of your head. This will lead to your hair manageable and smooth.

Use a satin or silk pillow 

Having a good sleep is very important for you. So, always use a satin or silk pillow which not only comfort your sleep but also does not spoil your look.

Don’t sleep on your stomach 

When you are sleeping on your front, you may have sleep lines and spots on your face which you definitely don’t like. So, always sleep on your back. 

Get Moisturized before bed 

Nobody likes to wake up with dry skin. So before going to bed, always use nourishing moisture on your face and neck.