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DTM is high pH (11) liquid that is designed to be added as the water percent of an amine mixture in the amine circulation system of an acid gas treatment plant. DTM allows for higher amine concentrations if desired or required.

DTM creates a multiple amine structure with exceptional loading capabilities, prevents corrosion of metal surfaces and avoids polymerization of the amine, which in turn minimizes amine degradation, salt creation, hydrocarbon saturation and product loss. DTM is added to the amine circulation system, a maximum 50% by volume.

DTM Benefits

The ability to create a stable amine (MEA or DEA) and increase the amine concentration when necessary to allow an amine system to operate much more effectively, resulting in cost reduction and benefits including:

  • Increased amine concentration capability
  • Elimination of foaming products
  • Minimal or no use of charcoal filters
  • Eliminates solvent degradation loss
  • Eliminates equipment corrosion
  • Eliminates foaming
  • Eliminates oxidation
  • Eliminates hydrocarbon loss to reflux/acid gas
  • Eliminates hydrocarbon saturation (no need for carbon filter)
  • Less filter changes (Sock & Johnson)

H2S & CO2 Scavenger

Natural Gas Scavenger

DTM amine blends can be created to act as a liquid natural gas scavengers that efficiently and effectively remove H2S (hydrogen sulfide) and CO2 (carbon dioxide). DTM has no affinity for Hydrocarbons. It will not harm or lower the BTU value of the gas. DTM is a high pH aqueous solution that when combined with an amine is regenerable.

DTM blends may be used as a H2S natural gas scavenger in the field. A tower would be filled with a specific DTM blend based on your in the field needs to remove H2S from the natural gas stream. If there is also a need to remove CO2, the DTM blend would be adjusted according to the gas stream or gas pipeline specifications.

DTM blends have been field tested in the past six months to successfully demonstrate the removal of up to 62% CO2 (carbon dioxide) and up to 2600 ppm of H2S (hydrogen sulfide). For copies of laboratory results, please call or email.