2 Reasons Why Background Music is Extremely Important For Your Local Business

Running a business is hard. So, for this reason, every entrepreneur is looking for ways to make their company perfect.

  • They learn and create excellent marketing
  • They make sure that their branding is on point
  • And so on.

But one thing that is often overlooked is the background music they play. That’s because many don’t know how powerful it actually is.

Would you like to know that? If so, then continue reading to find out!


Reason #1 – Background Music Is An Important Part of Branding

Whenever a potential customer enters your store, you want to make sure that this feels like your store is made for them. And most successful ones put a lot of effort into creating this feeling. And a significant part, apart from store aesthetics, is the music they blast on their speakers.

So instead of just blasting the music you like, I highly suggest you play something that suits your audience. Just think about it; you might not want to play heavy metal when you own a pharmacy.

It just doesn’t suit the place, which will scare off the customers.

Reason #2 – Your Customers Care About Music More Than You Think

But the biggest reason why it’s essential to play the right music is that your customers notice and care a lot about it. Don’t believe me? Well, check out these interesting statistics:

  • About 84.5% of people notice background music in stores
  • 40.8% of customers stay longer in your business if they like what they’re hearing.

So instead of blasting the same old music, make sure you play something that your customers care about.


And these are the two reasons why you need to pick excellent background music for your business. And if you’re looking for the best way to do that, then I highly recommend you to try out Soundtrack Your Brand! With them, you’ll be able to play hundreds of licensed songs without fearing any legal trouble.